About Kirsten Swensen

Kirsten Swensen is an Eindhoven/Amsterdam based Visual Artist.
She obtained her Bachelor in Photography, Fine arts & Design in 2013. Later in 2017 she gave a TEDx talk about her project "The Beauty of Surrender". 

Her portraits are considered to be feminine and soft. They often contain moments of fleeting intimacy. Swensen's work embodies the feminine. Close-ups of gestures and hands, faces and expressions, the tension between continuous presence and absence, the female nude, the still life and the landscape – images that show grace and softness. With her photography, Kirsten tries to push inwards into her subjects, looking to strengthen the unique hidden core and innocence of our being, by trying to break those barriers, searching for genuine connection. Swensen is interested in finding the physical and psychological beauty in her subjects. She wants to emphasize the vulnerability of the people she captures. The focus lies on the relationship between her as an artist and the model. The tangible presence. 

”Trust and presence are very important aspects within my work. I want my subjects to see themselves the way I see them. That is why I am always trying to look for glimpes of innocence, surrender, and grace. I feel honored by their presence and trust, and the willingness to let down their guards if they feel safe with me.

Fine art
After graduating at the Art Academy, she took some time off to visit meditation retreats to study taoism and buddhism. She is now a vipassana practitioner.

For Kirsten, balance and harmony is one of the principles elements in her practise where she is fascinated in the dualities of life along with themes like unity and seperationrhythm and discontinuity or the eternal dance between chaos and order. The process of creating is a meditative, yet playful process.

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