About Kirsten Swensen

Kirsten Swensen is an Eindhoven/Amsterdam based Photographer and Designer. She obtained her Bachelor in Photography & Design in 2013. Later in 2017 she landed a TEDx talk about her project "The Beauty of Surrender". 

Her portraits are considered to be fragile and soft. They often contain moments of fleeting intimacy. In her work she explores the body and it’s tactility. Swensen is interested in finding the physical and psychological beauty in her surroundings. Like the tactility of a skin or the infinite patterns reflected in nature. In her photographic work she wants to emphasize sensitivity and intimacy. She is always close to her subject. The focus lies on the relationship between the artist and the model. The tangible presence. 

”Observing and trust arte very important aspects within my work. I believe our innocence has never left us, we just need to find it again when we become adults. That is why I am always looking for innocence, natural beauty, and rawness in my models. I feel honored by their trust, and the willingness to let down their guards.”

Photos and paintings are available for sale.
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