The Moment of Return

Every body has it’s cross.
Every soul has it’s loss.

No one walks the world untouched.
Along the way we al get smutched

Without crosses, no expansion.
Without expansion, no experiences.
We are here to experience the happiness,
the sadness, the light and the dark.

From that which arose experience, shall we return.
Child-like yet mature, remembering our essence.

The moment of our return.
No beginning, no end.

The Mirror of Love and Fear

If you can accept and love yourself as you are,
Then why are you afraid?

If you can love yourself fully and completely,
Then why be afraid someone would abandon you?

If you can be infinite,
Then why think in limits?

If you can find all that you need within,
Then why look for outside affirmation?

If you can be big,
Then why act small?

Do you step into the light,
Or do you choose to stay in darkness?

Why judge?
When you are a part of me?

To move against the effortless flow,
Is to resist the experience of living,

The beautiful expression of life.
A reason for being.


Staring into the abyss,
Reaching out, 

Until I reach the other end, 
Heaven hidden behind the veil, 

Having the courage to look beyond what is real. 
Duality is secretly unity. 

Meeting what is already here.
Far from reach yet always close.

Sleeping Beauty

Returning to a place of emptiness, 
Heart filled with infinite love,

Total surrender, nothing to become. 
Already being, like a baby in the womb,

Life is so real, that within it there is trust. 
Without trust in this, there is no life at all,

So go back to sleep my dear and let yourself sink deep into the nightfall,

The sea of nothingness.

Seeing Through the Cracks

Like a mirror, we reflect, we project, 
we direct, we deflect, 
Little cracks starting to show inevitably,
Like a shadow, following your steps,

The great glass mirror of our inner truths. 
Do you wish to see me as I am? 
Or do you wish to see me through distortion? 
Choose your reflection wisely it whispers,
Because I will stay with you until the end.